Beginning of My Blog

KS Media Blog?

As a self-improvement lover, I was always looking for somewhere I can record the progress of my learning, leave notes to myself, and look back later to feel accomplished.

For me, it has tremendously helped me to take notes what I have learnt and for that I have used the normal note application. As I decided to start a project of making my own website in June 2019, I found the opportunity of making a blog with it and thought of this blog as my notes to myself where other people can read it and comment/feedback to help me improve more.

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So what am I going to write about in this blog?

  • Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Coffee
  • Guitar or Music in general
  • Product review
  • Maybe some journal…?

Is it going to last long? Is it worth to follow your blog? Honestly, I don’t know haha It’d be great if I have readers so I can get feedbacks from others but at the same time this is a note to myself. I just wanted to start something.

So here was the first post on my blog. If you haven’t checked my website, don’t forget to do so! Byeeee!

3 thoughts on “Beginning of My Blog

  1. Hey Keigo! Looks like things are going well. Can’t believe you’re already 22. Keep up the passion to learn and try new things. Good luck with the blog/website!

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    1. Thanks Kevin! Can’t believe it’s been more than five years since I had your lessons! Thanks for your massive help, I’m starting my senior year in the university!


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